Course #PPG2820

Envirobase® High Performance – Certification

The certification class introduces technicians to PPG’s Envirobase® High Performance system from primer to clear including waterborne basecoat and color blending. Attendees receive initial level certification or are recertified to the next level for which they are eligible upon successfully completing this program.

Who Should Attend

Technicians new to Envirobase® High Performance system products, and technicians that use Envirobase® products but have never been certified.

Course Length

2 days (16 Hours)

Class Size

8-12 people

Course Objectives

To provide training on industry repair standards using the Envirobase® High Performance waterborne refinish system. 

Topics Covered

  • General paint shop safety and environmental awareness
  • Fundamentals
  • Refinish equipment
  • Undercoats including Internal Repair System (Engine Bay)
  • Waterborne basecoat application
  • Color tools for waterborne basecoat
  • Tri-coats using waterborne color
  • Color blending with waterborne basecoats
  • Clearcoats
  • Plastic refinishing
  • EPA Area Source Rule 6H (optional segment covered at the end of class)

Choose a Location

02/07/2023 - 02/08/2023
Los Angeles BDC

02/28/2023 - 03/01/2023
Los Angeles BDC

03/08/2023 - 03/09/2023
Chicago BDC

03/21/2023 - 03/22/2023
Kansas City BDC

03/28/2023 - 03/29/2023
Los Angeles BDC