Course #PPG460

Basic Pinstriping

PPG’s Basic Pinstriping course helps build the technique required to produce beautiful pinstriping designs on anything from hot rods and motorcycles to signs and show panels. Covered in the class will be brush selection, how to hold and maneuver the paint brush, mix, and paint with PPG’s 1SHOT® line of paint.

Pinstriping experience is not required.



Who Should Attend

All PPG Certified Refinish Technicians.

Course Length

1 day (8 Hours)

Class Size

6-12 people

Course Objectives

Instruct technicians in the art of pinstriping while creating a basic design with the pinstriping strokes practiced and using patterns to help get started. Learn to use a grid with a Stabillo pencil for design work.

Topics Covered

  • Learn how to use and maintain the different types of brushes
  • Learn how to use 1Shot paint, reducing and platting the brush.
  • Learn basic pinstriping strokes
  • Learn how to pull lines, starting and ending, curves and reverse curves, thick and thin lines and scrolling.
  • Learn how to transfer a design with Saral paper.
  • Learn how to scroll with different types of brushes.
  • Learn how to stripe graphics and flames, where to start and stop.

Practice exercises are subject to change depending on student and instructor interests.

Choose a Location

This class is not currently scheduled at any BDC. Please check back soon, or contact our Training team at for more information.