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EnvirobaseĀ® High Performance

Post-add T493 Modifier Calculator

Mix contains 10% T492 Adjuster


Add this amount of T493 Modifier

0.00 grams/parts


Envirobase® High Performance Basecoat / T493 Modifier Calculating Tools

This calculating tool is designed to post add T493 Modifier into already reduced Envirobase® High Performance reduced color containing 10% (0.10) T492 Adjuster.

  1. Select the approximate amount of T494 Thinner used to reduce mixed color by sliding the box left or right. Options are 0-40% in increments of 5%.
  2. Enter the weight of reduced color into the box under "Reduced Color (grams/parts)".
  3. The amount of T493 required to activate reduced color is automatically calculated in the box titled "Add this amount of T493 Modifier".
  4. After adding T493, recheck viscosity and adjust to 23-28 seconds with DIN4 cup.