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Aquabase® Plus

Post-Add P935-1255 Modifier Calculator

Mix contains 10% P935-1250 Adjuster


Add this amount of P935-1255 modifier

0.00 grams/parts


Aquabase® Plus Basecoat / P935-1255 Modifier Calculating Tools

This calculating tool is designed to post add P935-1255 Modifier into already reduced Aquabase® Plus reduced color containing 10% (0.10) P935-1250 adjuster.

  1. Select the approximate amount of P980-5000 thinner used to reduce mixed color by sliding the box left or right. Options are 0-40% in increments of 5%.
  2. Enter the weight of reduced color into the box under "Reduced Color (grams/parts)".
  3. The amount of P935-1255 required to activate reduced color is automatically calculated in the box titled "Add this amount of P35-1255 modifier".
  4. After adding P935-1255, recheck viscosity and adjust to 23-28 seconds with DIN4 cup.