PPG’s Commitment to Environment Health and Safety (EHS)

PPG is committed to Environment Health and Safety (EHS). We are also committed to assuring that our products are developed, produced, distributed, used and disposed of in a safe and environmentally sound manner. In addition, we are dedicated to advise and train our customers on their safe use and handling. To learn more, see our PPG corporate EHS programs and initiatives.

Find and read the appropriate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) before starting any job with our searchable database.

Accident prevention is just one part of running a safer shop. We’re pleased to provide helpful information and resources for your facility.

PPG’s Small Repair Business Product Stewardship Guidelines offers health, safety and environmental guidelines to follow when paint products are being used in a mobile touch-up or mobile repair business.

Find information, resources and guidelines regarding PPG Refinish Products containing certain heavy metals.

Laws and regulations are enacted to help maintain safety across the industry. We compiled a list of resources to help you meet a variety of environment, health and safety legislation.

Safety is created one person at a time. We’ve detailed strategies that everyone in your facility should follow to protect their individual wellbeing.

We’ve collected a list of important safety resources to help managers maintain a safe work environment or address situations in the event of an emergency.

Creating a work environment that protects everyone is a top priority. See our list of equipment and safeguards that every facility should utilize to promote safety and efficiency.

PPG is committed to producing superior quality automotive refinish coatings that provide high performance functionality while also maintaining our commitment to good product stewardship. As part of this commitment, PPG does not support and recommends against filling PPG automotive refinish coatings into aerosol containers. Review PPG's aerosol packaging guidelines for additional information.