PPG-led seminar to explore trending shed hues, shifting consumer preferences


STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - September 27, 2021 -- PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced that it will showcase its new PPG Aquacron® color offerings for shed builders at the 2021 Shed Builder Expo in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Sept. 29-30.

“We gave significant consideration to consumer preferences and shed manufacturer input when developing the new color palette,” said Ruthanne Hanlon, PPG national color and design manager. “In the past, shed builders often considered color as an afterthought. This is no longer the case. Visitors to the 2021 Shed Builder Expo will have an opportunity to learn how color can serve as an effective selling tool.”

PPG’s participation in this marquee event will include an educational seminar titled “Color Trends for the Shed Industry.” Presented by Hanlon on Sept. 30 at 9am, the seminar will outline the emerging shift in color preferences of shed buyers and the way shed paint manufacturers such as PPG are addressing this shift to the benefit of builders.

“The manner in which sheds are being used has changed over recent years,” said Hanlon. “It’s not uncommon for a shed to serve as a home office or perhaps an additional living space. Along with this change, consumers have expressed a growing interest in having the color of their sheds correlate with their purpose and also work with the color schemes of their homes.”

For more information about 2021 Shed Builder Expo or to register, visit the ​event’s website​.

To learn more about PPG Aquacron® shed coatings, visit the PPG exhibit at the 2021 Shed Builder Expo, explore the PPG ​website​ or call 501-336-7326.

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