STRONGSVILLE, Ohio - October 12, 2021 -- PPG (NYSE:PPG) today announced that its PPG AdjustRite® commercial estimating system can now integrate with both QuickBooks® Desktop and QuickBooks® Online to streamline the automotive refinish invoicing process. QuickBooks® is a top-rated financial management platform that small- and medium-sized businesses use to manage income and expenses, and to keep track of the financial health of their business.

“We gave the PPG AdjustRite® system the ability to integrate with QuickBooks® based on customer feedback,” said Doug Orr, PPG AdjustRite® manager. “A large number of our customers use QuickBooks® accounting and wanted the added functionality of exporting a PPG AdjustRite® collision repair estimate into QuickBooks® and creating an invoice without having to input double entries. As a result, invoices will also be more accurate and complete, detailing such items as part costs, refinish materials and labor. Conversely, users can import customer data from QuickBooks® to the PPG AdjustRite® system.”

By integrating the PPG AdjustRite® system with QuickBooks®, PPG customers can also export estimates to invoices by the batch. Rather than exporting an individual estimate at the end of the day, users can group them together and perform the invoicing task daily, weekly, monthly or whenever they prefer.

The PPG AdjustRite® commercial estimating system is an industry-leading platform in the medium-to-heavy-duty equipment repair and claims industry. The system is a Web-based, fully mobile application that is driven by a comprehensive database of commercial vehicles and equipment, including: tractors, trailers, trucks, boxes, motor coaches, recreational vehicles and buses. For more information about the PPG AdjustRite® system, call 941-391-1001 or visit ​

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