System and Compliant Chart Posters and Counter Mat Inserts

Featuring the “BEST” Shop-Line product line recommendations for a compliant and national rule repair system, in two, easy to read system chart posters and counter mat inserts. The poster size is 24” x 36” and will make a great reference chart to hang on the wall in any body shop. The counter mat inserts are 11” x 17” and can be used with the Shop-Line branded window counter mat (SLCONTRMAT) as a great reference at the jobber store. Spanish version of counter mats coming soon.  Available through online ordering.

SLNRBSTPOS National Rule “BEST” Poster $1.00
SLCOMPPOS Compliant “BEST” Poster $1.00
SLMATINS3 National Rule Counter Mat Insert No Charge
SLMATINS4 Compliant BEST Mat Insert No Charge

Introducing Shop-Line product line branded kit boxes for use in displaying, packaging and selling your Shop-Line brand products. Featuring a gallon sized box specifically branded for use as a “Clearcoat Kit”. This box will hold a gallon of clear and a quart of hardener, making it now convenient to sell the clear as a kit. Also available, is a quart sized box sporting the Shop-Line branding which can be used to make quart sized kits of clears and primers. Available through online ordering.

SLQTKITBOX Product Box, Quart Size (10pk) $13.50
SLCLEARBOX Clear Kit Box, Gallon Size (10pk) $13.50

Counter Mat Inserts - Spanish

Counter mat inserts now available in Spanish. Shop-Line branded system mat insert featuring our good, better and best systems and the compliant mat insert are now available to order online at no cost!

SLMATINS1S Compliant Counter Mat Insert - Spanish No Charge
SLMATINS2S System Counter Mat Insert - Spanish No Charge

Compliant Pocket Guide - Spanish

The Shop-Line branded compliant pocket guide featuring all of our compliant product offerings, now available in Spanish, and available to order through online ordering.

SLCOMPGDSP Compliant Pocket Guide - Spanish (25 pk) $8.00

Shop-Line branded Spanish Marketing Materials – Available through online ordering

SLBR001SP Compliant Brochure - Spanish $0.10
SL100SP Product - Spanish $1.20
SLMATINS1S Compliant Counter Mat Insert - Spanish N/C
SLMATINS2S System Counter Mat Insert - Spanish N/C
SLCOMPGDSP Compliant Pocket Guide - Spanish (25 pk.) $8.00

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