Vibrance Collection paint bottles and cans

October 15, 2013 – The VIBRANCE COLLECTION®  recently had a makeover to emulate the high quality, unique works of art created by the artists using the products. Read on to check out what has been changed.

The logo has been updated to highlight the fact that there is an entire collection of products available within the line to make up a full paint system. It is available in full color or monochromatic and in horizontal or vertical layouts. There is also a hot new pinstripe version of the logo in a vertical layout.  

The labels have been redesigned as well with a sleek matte black background, the pinstripe logo and color-coded lettering to designate Primers/Sealers (gold), Midcoats (red) and Clearcoats (blue).  Each of the effect pigments will also have their own uniquely colored lettering. The changes will occur as a rolling change on existing products and all new products moving forward.

You will also start to see new advertisements and literature that celebrates the connection between the artists and their colorful masterpieces with edgy photography and vivid imagery. Take a look at the new Vibrance Collection brochure here

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