STRONGSVILLE, Ohio, Nov. 10, 2020 -- PPG (NYSE: PPG) today announced that its web-based AdjustRite® electronic estimating system is now available for the growing recreational vehicle market. The AdjustRite® system is PPG’s professionally developed and maintained solution that uses proprietary logic and the latest in internet technology to simplify and improve RV repair and claims accuracy, consistency and efficiency. It is the only such program that takes into consideration the overall repair process. Well established and popular in the commercial truck sector, the system is now able to support repair facilities and insurance companies that address RV claims.

“This is a significant benefit for the RV industry,” said Doug Orr, PPG AdjustRite® manager. “What we’ve done for trucks, we’re now doing for RVs. Anyone who’s been involved with a collision damage claim knows that nothing happens without an estimate, and generating estimates for RVs is complicated. With the AdjustRite® system, the entire estimating process is streamlined. From precise labor calculations, to parts identification, sourcing, pricing and acquisitions, the program manages the process efficiently and makes life easier for everyone involved.”

According to Orr, PPG tested an AdjustRite® system RV pilot program and received positive reviews from repair shop owners and insurance claims managers. The system assesses the overall repair requirements and produces detailed estimates based on a robust database of RV repair information. In a few minutes it can request, price and order the necessary parts for a given repair. It can also identify the multiple types of materials — aluminum, filon, fiberglass, etc. — and calculate multiple color configurations associated with RV repairs. The system’s current database includes Class A motor homes, Class C motor homes, 5th wheels and travel trailers.

“The automated features of the AdjustRite® program and logic can dramatically reduce the time it takes to write an accurate estimate,” added Orr. “Given the complexity and almost limitless number of RV chassis variables on the market, the AdjustRite® system is an attractive asset for repair operations.”

The AdjustRite® estimator can store and manage unlimited customer accounts, rate profiles and parts information, making it available for later reference. Since the system is web-based and mobile friendly, users can log in and write an estimate from any internet-connected device in the office or in the field.

For more information about the PPG AdjustRite® commercial estimating system for RVs, visit or call (941) 391-1001.

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