Part Number: EHPPOSCH8

A new poster featuring a revitalized 1932 Ford Coupe finished by renowned painter Charley Hutton is now available through PPG online ordering. Charley used Envirobase® High Performance basecoat in Checkered Red and EC530 EnV® Performance Clearcoat to create the striking finish. This unique gem is owned by Joe Pigford and built by his brother Roy Pigford, both of Beach City, Texas.

More Great Posters Available

As a reminder, Charley's "After Thought" 2017 Pirelli Great 8 Finalist car and other posters are still available through PPG online ordering. Christmas is just around the corner, and a Charley Hutton poster is a great gift for your customers! Be sure to order now, as supplies are limited.

Part Number: EHPPOSCH7

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