PPG MVP Business Solutions has announced its schedule of classes for the remainder of the 2017 calendar year. Intended for owners and managers of collision centers using PPG products, MVP training is part of PPG’s ongoing commitment to provide cutting-edge business thinking and solutions for its customers. The MVP approach is designed to help a shop improve its bottom line through measured performance-accelerating processes.

MVP interactive workshops, classes and seminars, along with an array of online resources, provide a comprehensive set of training, tools and services for the collision professional and focus on the diverse factors that directly affect collision center performance. Attendees have opportunities to examine their current business structure and practices to determine what steps are needed to moderately adjust or radically revamp their approach to establishing a true performance-oriented business model.

“We know that to be successful, PPG collision center customers can’t simply survive, there’s more to it,” said Bob Medved, PPG manager, MVP Business Solutions. “Our customers have to thrive and grow. That’s why PPG MVP programs have evolved to offer the most comprehensive training in the industry. Our business solutions tools, resources, consulting and support services are designed to position PPG customers at the top of the industry—and we have been very successful in doing that. MVP programs can improve a shop’s performance and profitability in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Anyone interested in improving shop performance should really consider these courses.”

MVP Business Solutions offers hundreds of classes yearly at various locations across the United States and Canada. These courses present the real-world expertise of MVP-certified instructors in a relevant business curriculum. MVP solutions include:

  • The MVP Business Development Series: covering the key functional areas of collision center business operations;
  • Lean for Collision Training: designed to address emerging trends and meet the challenge of change head-on;
  • MVP Conferences: unique gatherings of high-level presenters, cutting-edge seminars, workshops and networking opportunities;
  • Marketing Your Shop: specially designed tools and programs to help shop management reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

A partial list of classes scheduled for the rest of the year include:

  • Paint Shop Throughput
  • Business of Parts Management
  • Production and Cycle Time Management
  • Fundamentals of Estimating
  • Advanced Estimating
  • Professional Selling Skills
  • Elevating the Customer Experience
  • Green Belt Training

A complete schedule of classes is available at the PPG MVP Business Solutions page

Medved added that MVP classes can be arranged for specific regions and shops to address particular issues. He also pointed out that PPG customers can learn more about PPG MVP Business Solutions and courses on YouTube.

PPG introduced MVP Business Solutions in 1994 as a way to help collision repair customers address the changing nature of the industry and turn business challenges into opportunities. Since that time, MVP has delivered comprehensive training and business support services to PPG collision repair businesses. Many MVP programs are now in their third generation, and a large percentage of MVP’s business solutions comprises new programs that are the result of extensive research and development over the past few years.

For more information about MVP training, including details of seminars and workshops, call (866) 237-8178 or visit www.ppgmvp.com.

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