In just over a decade, Cole’s Collision grew from one to five locations in the Albany, N.Y., area. With such rapid expansion, the company is constantly in need of new employees. Their solution? Find promising young workers and give them the tools, training and time they need to grow.

One such example is Kayla Boyland. While she was studying at Hudson Valley Community College, Kayla’s knack for automotive painting caught the eye of her instructor. But even more noteworthy was her attention to detail and her desire to do things the right way. That’s exactly the type of person that Cole’s Collision likes to hire, and before long, Kayla was invited to come and work there as a prepper, then as a painter and now as head painter.

At Cole’s Collision, a typical new employee’s development track involves a probationary period during which their work ethic and initiative are scrutinized. After that, the employee will be tested for their skills but only to highlight areas where more training may be needed. John says, “Once we find someone who has the desire to learn, we will work with him/her for as long as necessary.”

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