If you’re looking for a cost-effective system for refinishing today’s passenger cars, trucks and SUVs - with prime color match ability and process efficiency, choose the Shop-Line® refinish system from PPG and available exclusively from your PPG Platinum Distributor.

Key to the color matching performance of the Shop-Line® Plus system is its compact mixing platform featuring high-strength, highly chromatic toners, special-effect diamond toners, an advanced basecoat converter and a mixing clear -- all designed to deliver the color matching accuracy and fast-drying performance demanded of a modern basecoat system.

The system can also be configured to meet North America’s most stringent VOC compliance regulations and is easy-to-use.

Mix ratios are kept simple, common hardeners reduce system complexity, and technicians will find the Shop-Line® Plus basecoat easy to spray, with coverage achieved in minimal coats.

To meet the needs of any shop, this color platform is supported by a full range of primers, sealers, and clearcoats—including speed, production, and high-gloss Euro-style options for National Rule and low VOC areas.

Recognized industry-wide for its color superiority over competing brands, the Shop-Line® Plus system leverages PPG’s leadership in color matching tools and expertise. This means access to PPG’s global color network of over 2 and a half million formulas capable of matching the latest OEM finishes. Plus, there’s an unrivaled selection of historic color formulas for restoring classic vehicles.

Users of the Shop-Line® Plus platform also enjoy access to PPG’s industry-leading family of color tools. Arranged chromatically, the Shop-Line® Color Deck features over 2,100 sprayed chips - including tri-coats. The new TouchMix® XI all-in-one computer simplifies the paint mixing process and connects effortlessly with PaintManager® XI software, our advanced formula retrieval and paint management program, and the all-new RapidMatch® XI spectrophotometer reads the vehicle’s actual color and texture, to work seamlessly with PaintManager® software to find a blendable match.

Backing up the Shop-Line® system is the excellent service and support you can expect from your PPG Platinum Distributor. Since they exclusively carry PPG refinish products, the knowledge and expertise they provide can’t be beat.

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