To support the need for nickel free color formulas in restricted areas, we are releasing three new nickel containing paint systems in the Delfleet® Evolution brand topcoats. New nickel containing paint systems FDGH SOL NC, FBCH SOL NC, and FDSU SOL NC are viewable now on ColorMobile® and will be included in the next PaintManager® software update

As a reminder, these new NC paint systems will contain only formulas with the nickel toner F3520 in them. Moving forward, the original SOL paint systems will no longer house formulas with nickel. If a user cannot use nickel toners in their area, then only FDGH SOL, FBCH SOL, and FDSU SOL paint systems should be chosen when PaintManager® software is set up. Users without restrictions can also include the NC versions in their paint system set up.

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