Incorporating breakthrough, proprietary resin technology, PPG’s En-V® lineup of premium clearcoats allows you to select the right clearcoat for the specific job while raising the industry bar for meeting these performance criteria.

En-V clears are specifically engineered to go over and work beautifully with the industry-leading ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat system and consists of three premium clears that can be used anywhere in the US and Canada. Let’s take look at the features and benefits of each.

EC520 En-V High Production Clearcoat

EC520 En-V High Production Clearcoat is the “speed” clear of the line, delivering the fast throughput demanded by high-production collision centers, while still providing impressive gloss retention. It is designed for use in one-to-three panel repairs. As the line’s fastest clearcoat, it can be forced dried in as little 20 minutes at temperatures as low as 120° F. If air drying, EC520 takes only 90 to 120 minutes to reassemble, and polishing normally isn't necessary.

EC530 En-V Performance Clearcoat

EC530 En-V Performance Clearcoat is also a high production clear designed for multi-panel repairs. It features a short bake cycle of 25 minutes at 140°F. Or when desired, it can air dry in 4 hours. In addition to excellent throughput on multiple panels, EC530 offers the ability to do “completes” in cool and mid-range temperatures. Gloss retention is outstanding for a production clearcoat. Again, polishing is not necessary.

EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat

EC550 En-V Ultra Gloss Clearcoat is engineered to deliver super premium appearance on today’s luxury vehicles or whenever ultimate gloss is desired. Offering superb flow and leveling, EC550 can be used for multiple panels but also for “overall” clearcoat jobs. Ultimate gloss and leveling requires a clear to “stay open”-- and it’s this key feature that makes EC550 the “go to” clear to use in hot weather and humid conditions, even when painting completes. EC550 force dries in 35 minutes…and no polishing is required.

The En-V clearcoat line-up features 3 premium products setting the standard for performance and appearance – with the flexibility to select the right product for the conditions at hand and to maximize a shops productivity.

Now, one universal hardener and four temperature-specific reducers are designed to work specifically with En-V series clears:

  • ECR65 Low Temp Reducer
  • ECR75 Mid Temp Reducer
  • ECR85 High Temp Reducer
  • ECR98 Hot and Humid Reducer

With this choice of reducers, painters can select the one that works best for the temperature and humidity of the shop – cool, warm or hot. For simplicity, the 3-to-1-to-1 mix ratio is the same, no matter which reducer you choose.

PPG’s En-V clearcoats are specifically engineered for the Envirobase High Performance waterborne basecoat system that can be used anywhere in the United States and Canada to achieve superior color match performance. The En-V lineup of premium clearcoats with advanced resin technology bridge the gap between throughput and appearance, offering a solution for every type of refinishing, from spot repair to overalls in all temperature conditions.

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