Once there was a time when taking a trip meant leaving the everyday world behind and stepping aboard a luxury passenger train, one exquisitely designed with elegance, grace and comfort. Compared to the homogenized hustle and bustle of today’s mass transit, this era of transportation seems like something one can experience only through history books. But thankfully, one company is bringing to life the nostalgia associated with early rail travel.

Located in Anchorage, Alaska Industrial Paint LLC is notable for its skill in restoring vintage locomotives and passenger cars that roamed the rails of Alaska as far back as the 1940s. “We sweat every detail of each restoration, from matching the original color to duplicating the size and type of each font.” explains Kevin Stalder, owner of AIP.

The attention to detail shows in AIP’s work, which is commissioned by two local clients: The Alaska Railroad and Holland America Cruise Lines. Both companies, which offer sightseeing rail tours of Alaska, were very interested when they learned Stalder sold his stake in an auto body shop and opened AIP.

Stalder also credits PPG products and support for helping AIP achieve excellence. “Back when I was co-owner of a collision shop, I became so impressed with PPG’s products and service commitment that when I opened AIP, working with PPG again was an easy choice,” comments Stalder. “Moving forward, I can’t see using any other brand.”

You can read more about AIP by checking out the most recent copy of the Repaint Reporter.

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