OMNI® Stadium Cups

Introducing new promotional stadium cups. Use these stadium cups to help promote the OMNI® Plus paint system. Give them away with the purchase of OMNI branded products, or give them as gifts.These cups will change color from yellow to blue when a cold beverage is poured inside. Now available through online ordering part number OBSTADCUP.



OMNI® Window Counter Mats

Also available, new counter mats for our OMNI paint system. New OMNI window counter mats are now available to order through online ordering. What is unique about this counter mat is the inserts are interchangeable. Two inserts are available; compliant mat insert – featuring the OMNI compliant products and the system mat insert features the Good, Better, Best system options. You decide which you want to display. You can order two mats and display both. Order yours today through online ordering.

OBCOMTRMAT -- OMNI Window Counter Mat

OBMATINS1 -- OMNI Compliant Mat Insert


OBMATINS2 -- OMNI System Mat Insert


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