Small Repair Business Product Stewardship Guidelines

Multiple PPG Refinish paint lines can be used for spot repairs on vehicles. If spot repairs are done outside of a controlled setting (i.e., not in a paint booth), all local regulations must be observed, including but not limited to rules safeguarding workers and the surrounding environment. If larger projects are considered, the vehicle should be repaired in a full service facility.

Before handling PPG products, users should read and understand the information on the label, the product Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and all product use instructions. The SDS and label contain information necessary for the safe handling, storage and use of PPG products including information concerning the health and physical hazards specific to each product.

PPG’s Small Repair Business Product Stewardship Guidelines offers health, safety and environmental guidelines to follow when paint products are being used in a mobile touch-up or mobile repair business. The guide covers such topics as:

  • Repackaging guidelines
  • Product for professional use only
  • Material transportation safety
  • Regulatory considerations
  • Worker safety
  • Responsible environmental stewardship
  • Waste disposal

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