Aerosol Guidelines

Aerosol products in the body shop


Body shops in the US and Canada use multiple repair methods to deliver vehicles to their customers with satisfactory fit and finish. In providing these services, they may use aerosol packaged products. PPG Refinish offers a number of aerosol cleaners and coatings products from our OneChoice® product line. Those products are designed to PPG’s quality standards, for performance properties and compliance under local regulations. See Technical Data Sheets for recommended application parameters for these products in the OneChoice® product line page in our website.

In the US, regulations for aerosol coatings would fall in two categories: the national rule CFR Title 40 Part 59 Subpart E covers aerosol coatings applied in shops outside of California and CARB’s REGULATION FOR REDUCING THE OZONE FORMED FROM AEROSOL COATING PRODUCT EMISSIONS would apply to those products used within the state. These regulations cover registration, reporting, label and VOC requirements. PPG instructs distributors as to which products are compliant in these jurisdictions.

A support document is available for body shops using PPG aerosol products, covering body shop topics from professional application, substrate limitations, PPE and product disposal. If considering using non PPG aerosols, check with the manufacturer of those products for guidance. Non PPG products will not be recommended or supported by PPG Refinish.

Customer Product Stewardship Alert

Aerosol manufacture by a distributor or body shop


Companies may offer aerosol filling devices for adding auto refinish coatings products to blanks. Blank aerosols contain propellant and solvents before filling, allowing the operator to choose the coatings formulas to insert, possibly from a broad range of coatings products. Due to the complexity and potential variation in attempting to fill “blank” aerosols with different coating products, PPG does not recommend or support such activity. There are responsibilities incurred by use of filling devices for compliance including VOC limits, labeling, product registration and recordkeeping. If attempted, the shop should contact the blank filling device manufacturer for guidance on these topics. PPG will assume no responsibility for film performance, compliance (including labels) and EHS liabilities for use of these products.

PPG Matthews (MPC) line does offer two blank options for filling with specific MPC colorants (only). PPG‘s recommendations are restricted to two lines of colorants - known quantities. The resulting aerosol products have been completely reviewed for performance and compliance and are only recommended where they fully meet VOC and labelling requirements. These PPG MPC products are not recommended for auto refinish applications.)

PPG Refinish details concerns for operators that choose to fill aerosol blanks at their own risk in a support document.

Aerosol Packaging Guidelines