About the Distributor Email Program

The Distributor Email Program is for our distributor and warehouse customers. Typically customers are already set up to receive emails delivered to a primary contact at the customer's primary location.

Content provided in emails helps distributor sales, tech reps, and counter personnel learn more and stay informed about new products, inventory management, and other critical information.

All customers may now opt in and subscribe to our promotional emails (such as press releases, newsletters, and Technical Tips emails). In order to subscribe, a new “Profile Center” link is provided in every email. Simply visit your profile center and subscribe.

Who the Email Communications Program is for:

The Distributor Email Communications Program is for our distributor and warehouse customers. At this time, body shops and painters cannot subscribe to receive emails from PPG.

Distributor Sales

Our emails provide information you can use to help your customers find the right finish for their particular shop needs. You'll receive information about the newest products and services from PPG that can help you and your customers get the edge you need in today's industry.

Distributor Tech Reps

Much of the information provided in our emails will help you learn more about the technical qualities of each new product. This helps you learn how to mix and spray the newest products from PPG—so you can help your customers when they have technical questions.

Counter Personnel

When you get walk-in business, you'll have everything you need to know about the newest products you can offer from PPG. Each customer has different needs for their projects, and armed with information direct from PPG, you can help them find the right product for their need.

Platinum Distributors

For Platinum Distributors, you will receive emails that relate generally to the PPG Platinum Program, sundries, 3M, etc. Emails regarding Platinum Progress information or your specific business will be delivered by individual PPG Platinum Department personnel only.

Need to check if you're signed up? Customers can search for their email address online, any time.

What Kind of Emails You'll Receive:

All customer contacts will only receive emails for the paint brands each location carries. So if you only sell Envirobase® High Performance waterborne products, you would only receive emails related to new Envirobase® High Performance products or marketing materials.

Customer Emails

Customer emails include the most important information you'll need as a distributor. All customers with an active email address on record will receive these emails.

These emails include:

  • Product Launch / Updates
  • Inventory Management Notices
  • Stop Sale Announcements
  • Customer Service Messages (e.g. Customer Service Center hours of operation, policy updates, etc.)

Promotional Emails (Opt In Only)

For customers that choose to subscribe, we provide information about PPG business, events, marketing and technical tips. Customers that received these emails prior to April 2017 will need to re-subscribe to continue receiving them.

Promotional Emails include:

  • New Marketing Materials (i.e. posters, metal signs, calendars, etc.)
  • Color Marketing Newsletter
  • Paint Pointers - Technical Tips from PPG
  • Sponsor Events (i.e. Penske Racing Team, Goodguys Nationals events, etc.)

How to Subscribe to Promotional Emails

To subscribe to promotional emails, look for the new "Profile Center" link at the bottom of our Distributor Program emails. Click the link to visit your profile center, check the box for promotional emails, and submit. You'll then be subscribed to continue receiving our promotional emails.

Want to see if you're already signed up? Search for your email address online, and see which emails you'll receive.