Email Troubleshooting

If you're having trouble receiving our emails, follow the checklist below to narrow down why our emails may not make it to your mailbox.

Step 1: Check to make sure your email address appears in our records.

Check your email address online. If your email address is in our records, you will see your store locations listed and all the brands/services for which each location is set up to receive emails.

Did you find your email address in the search?

Yes: Go to step 2.
No: Fill out a request form to add your email address.

Step 2: Check your junk folder, add our email addresses as contacts in your email software.

One reason emails may not make it to your inbox is that your software may filter emails from unfamiliar addresses into a junk folder. Each software is different, so refer to any help/documentation for your software if you're unable to find a junk/spam folder.

You will want to add our email addresses as contacts—this will prevent your email software from filtering messages from us. If you are not familiar with how to add contacts in your email software, please refer to your software help/documentation.

Our email addresses:

Go to Step 3.

Step 3: If you manage your own email server, firewall and/or spam filter

Another reason emails may not make it to your inbox is that your email server, firewall or spam filter block the emails before delivering them to your inbox. If you do maintain your own systems, you can ensure that our emails are permitted in your system's settings.

If you do not manage your own systems, you would need to contact your email service provider or internet service provider (ISP) to request assistance. (In some cases, ISPs may block emails before they even get to your systems. In these cases you'll need to work with your ISP to ensure delivery of these business emails.)

Step 4: Contact PPG

Once you've verified Steps 1-3, if you still do not receive emails from our email addresses (see Step 2), you can contact us by filling out the request form. A member of our Digital Marketing Team or Customer Service Center will investigate and respond.

Tips on Email Management

Email can be overwhelming, especially in today's world of information overload. We promise that we only send critical information that you'll need as an active customer of PPG. At any time you can subscribe or unsubscribe to the additional, promotional emails by clicking on the "Profile Center" link in an email from PPG.

There is also an option to opt out completely (although please note that we must have at least one active email address on record for customers so that we can ensure critical information can be sent to you.)

Some common methods our customers use to help deliver emails:

  • Have a single email address added to our records so that one person can forward and direct emails from PPG to the employees that need them.
  • Have multiple email addresses added to our records so each individual receives emails from PPG.
  • Set up one mailbox on their system to receive emails from PPG, and use filters, rules or distribution lists to auto to automatically forward emails from PPG to the employees that need to receive them.

The Digital Marketing Team is happy to work with you to add or remove contacts from our email records. We've created an online form where you can request changes or customized contacts. Please note, however, that due to the number of various email software, browser clients, mail servers, etc., we are unable to help specifically for software you use.