When comparing prices of paint brands, it's always important to consider the additional components needed, such as catalyst or reducer, that make it ready to spray (RTS). Comparing only can-to-can prices can be deceiving. Some products may appear to cost less on the surface, but the actual RTS cost may be greater because of the product's mix ratio.

Take a look at the following example (assume reducer prices are similar):


Price per
pint of color

Mix ratio How much
product is
needed to
make an
RTS quart?
RTS shop
OR 1 pint of color
____ or RTS color
PPG 42.00 1:1 16 oz 49.00 32 oz
Competitor 36.00 2:1 21 oz 53.00 24 oz

Remember, you can’t spray paint out of the can. When comparing paint costs, you should always consider the ready to spray cost. Mix ratios matter and play an important role in understanding these costs. Keep this in mind when comparing prices of all products, not just color.

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