We understand that vehicle production color may drift over time and subtle color variations are unavoidable. Our color audit programs identify the variances quickly and formulations are available as Special field variants. Collision centers can also provide car parts and request color matches in specific paint systems to use on a repair they have in the shop. If numerous requests or car parts are received for the same color, the Special formulas will become Variants and matched in each premium paint system.

To manage Specials we devised the X factor designation. This unique identifier labels similar variant formulas and helps distinguish one record from another. Painters can choose and register the X factor number for future reference on their spray out libraries so they are assured they select the best variant for the vehicle repair.

There has been a misunderstanding that the X factor represents a degree-of-difference versus the Prime formula. This is not the case, there is no degree of color magnitude associated with the X factor. The X factor is simply assigned to the Special formulas as they are added to the database.

When a Special color formula is generated, it is labeled with the descriptor and an X Factor, e.g. L (X1). This X factor is assigned to Special formulas as they are generated in our various paint systems. So if an “L” lighter Special is generated for a specific OEM color in ENVIROBASE® High Performance waterborne basecoat, first it will have the (X-1) factor assigned to it. If a new “D” lighter formula is generated later for the DELTRON® DBC basecoat, it will then be designated D (X2). Consecutive X numbers will be assigned as Specials are added across paint lines for that specific OEM Color code.