Did you know the ONECHOICE® Elastomeric color system is designed to provide an excellent color match to OEM interior and exterior vinyl colors? This SC color system adheres to properly prepared plastic and vinyl and once mixed is ready to spray! Color formulas from 1972 to present for both domestic and import colors are available. The SC color formulas can be found on the PPG PAINTMANAGER® program software or on-line through the COLORMOBILE® application.

Enter your brand code, select “Interior” from the “Usage” drop down box and click Search. Once you choose the correct formula a list of interior color paint schemes will show. Select the “SC” paint system for the OneChoice Elastomeric color system.

For more information, refer to the OneChoice p-bulletin OC-23 for more information. National Rule markets only.


It’s that time of year when temperatures begin to decline, Fall is in the air, and the thought of snow (in some parts) begins to creep into your head. Hopefully you’re also beginning to consider changing your reducer and hardener choices to reflect your cooler environment. As temperatures decrease, using slower, high temp hardeners and reducers may have negative impacts on your paint films. Problems such as extended flash and dry times, sags and runs, and even poor metallic orientation may all be caused by using too slow of a reducer or hardener for your cooler environment.

So as temperatures begin to fall, be aware of your choices. Use the proper reducers and hardeners for your environment to insure a productive and successful paint job!

Did you know that VM4350 can only be used in a premium clearcoat? VM4350 is a specialized tinter, most notably for use in Ford code RR, or Ruby Red. This tinter is used to create a deep red tri-coat by adding the VM4350 directly into a premium branded clearcoat. Adding this tinter into products such as DELTRON® DBC500 or GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM D895 basecoat color blenders will cause an incompatibility and is not recommended.

So whether you are using VM4350 Vivid Ruby tinter to repair Ford RR or for a custom candy appearance, make sure you use it in a premium branded clearcoat for a successful finish.