PPG Refinish recently launched new sealers in the Envirobase® High Performance and Aquabase® Plus product platforms. The new 8-series sealers, ECS8x and P565-318x, are available in white (G1), gray (G5) and dark gray (G7) and can be blended to achieve various shades of gray.

The question on everybody’s mind is: Can I mix my current ECS2x or ECS6x sealers or P565-312x and P565-314x sealers with the new 8-series to get G3 and G6 shades?

The answer is no. DO NOT mix your current sealers with the new.

Why not?

  • The new 8-series sealers use innovative new resins and are not compatible with the current sealers.
  • Mixing the new 8-series sealers with the 2-series or 6-series sealers will not be VOC complaint in low VOC areas.
  • Mixing the new 8-series sealers with your current sealers will not provide the correct shade of gray for G3 and G6.

So before making the switch to the new sealers, be sure to work down your current inventory!