A painter uses many tools to produce a quality paint job, and one of the most important is the spray booth. Just like you keep your paint gun clean and well maintained, your spay booth should be given equal attention. Establishing a regular cleaning and preventative maintenance schedule is not only key to prolonging the life of your investment, but keeping your booth efficient and production costs low.

Consider the following to keep your booth performing its best:

  • Follow booth manufacturer’s filter change schedule to keep air flow at its best
  • Use a manometer to keep track of air movement in the booth
  • Keep the booth clean by sweeping, power washing or blowing it out regularly
  • Paint the booth walls or use a removable booth coating to protect it from overspray and maintain booth cleanliness
  • Clean the glass on the lights and replace burned out bulbs to ensure optimal lighting
  • Clean the exhaust stack and exhaust fan annually

Sanding and polishing can be reduced, or even eliminated, by taking the time to clean and maintain your paint booth regularly.