Epoxy primers are great to provide adhesion and corrosion protection to bare metal substrates and are especially popular among custom car builders and restoration shops. However, low temperatures can slow down the curing time of epoxy products, and with winter fast approaching it’s important to take extra care when temperatures drop.

Keep these suggestions in mind when using epoxy in colder temperatures:

  • Allow for extra cure time if your booth is below 70F. Temperatures below 70F can slow the rate of cure of the epoxy so it’s important to wait some extra time before applying your next layer.
  • Make sure your products are stored in a warmer environment. Just like your booth temperature being too cold, epoxy products that are too cold can cause slow cure as well. Warm your products to 65-70F before mixing and spraying.
  • Apply heat if possible. Epoxies love heat to cure and a warm booth and metal temperature will ensure your products are performing their best. Maintaining this warm environment after the job is sprayed will also help ensure the coating cures properly.

Refer to PPG's Custom and Restoration Guide for more info about epoxy.