Did you know that more than 50% of our color variants are generated through car parts collected by our refinish sales team with the help of distributors and shops?

That’s right, these metal OE car part samples, received from distributors and shops, are a critical part of our extensive color variants database. Each car part submitted is compared to the OE standard, recorded, and stored for reference. If, during the review process, it is determined that the color varies sufficiently from the OE standard, a new variant color formula is developed and chipped. The chips are then distributed in our Variant Deck updates 3 times per year. So before you throw away that painted part – check the color against our target Car Part List (see attachment). Newer model years, two years or younger, are accepted (metal parts only!).

Collecting additional information on car colors and their variations is a key element to providing confident and reliable color matching, day in and day out. Contact your Territory Manager for more details on how to become a valuable part of this program!

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