Get the jump on spot repairs!

Did you know you can spot prime in just 2 minutes? You can with the new ONECHOICE® SUA1080 UV Primer! After prepping a 6-8 inch area for priming, apply multiple wet coats to the area (do not spray to hiding!) then turn on the PPG recommended UV lamp. 2 minutes later, the primer will be completely cured! Clean the primed surface with SU1081 UV Primer Post Wipe to remove any of the post cure residue and the spot repair is ready for final sanding. It’s just that quick!

Once you’re done, turn the UV Primer can upside down and clean out the nozzle by depressing the tip and spraying out propellant. This short blast will ensure your aerosol will be ready for use the next time you need it.

So if you’re looking to save some time and speed up your spot repair process, try the new OneChoice SUA1080 UV primer. Check out the attached the links for the product data sheet and sales flyer below. 

SUA1080UV Primer Product Data Sheet
SUA1080UV Sales Flyer