Why is the film build of clearcoat so important?

Clearcoat is one of the most important parts of a quality paint job. From a simple repair, to an overall or a restoration, the final appearance is most notable. It's what people see first. In order to maintain a quality finish, the film build of your clearcoat is veryimportant. Film builds that are too high or too low can diminish your hard work.

  • Too low of a film build (< 2 mils dry) - can lead to premature film failure, dieback, and overall poor appearance.
  • Too high of a film build (>3 mils dry) - can lead to solvent pop, dieback, and even potential adhesion failure.

Dry film builds in the range of 2-2.5 mils is most commonly recommended. When spraying any clearcoat for the first time, it is recommended to measure your film builds. This will help you gauge how your application techniques affect final film thickness and then adjust accordingly. So next time you're getting ready to pull the trigger on your clearcoat, remember this tip to produce a quality finish for long-lasting firstimpressions.