Seasons are changing and so are the temperatures. You may have even moved to slower reducers and hardeners in your clearcoat as your booth gets warmer. However, changing these components can only go so far. Choosing the right clearcoat for your job size and environment is the key to success. Use the table below to help determine which type is best for you.


Air Dry Clears

Speed Clears

Purpose Cleaners

Glamour/High Gloss

Job Size Small Parts,
1-3 Panels
1-4 Panels Multi-panel Large jobs,
Multi-panels, Overalls
Air Dry
~30 min ~90 min ~4 hours Overnight


Not Recommended

Short Bake



And don’t forget the 15 degree rule! For every 15 degree increase above standard temperature, a product’s dry time and pot life may be reduced by half.  Using the right clearcoat for the job will not only ensure your job is productive, but produce a finish your customers will appreciate.