Did you know that PPG’s waterborne toners should never be placed on a shaker?

Unlike solventborne toners that require mechanical agitation, PPG’s waterborne toners and mixed basecoat should never be placed on a shaker. The PPG patented, anti-settle technology of ENVIROBASE® High Performance or AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoats only requires a quick hand shake to deliver outstanding color match and consistency!

Superior performance from a system that’s easy to mix and easy to use – check out Envirobase High Performance or Aquabase Plus waterborne platforms today!

Did you know that over 16,600 students participated in a PPG refinish training course in 2015—more than those trained by any other automotive paint company?

Training is essential to stay on top of new products, tools, and processes that are part of the growing complexity of new OEM finishes. And as the OEM’s continue to differentiate themselves with more and more unique finishes, it is critical that a painter continue to grow their skillset by becoming recertified every 2 years. Not only does this recertification allow a painter to stay current with the latest Refinish techniques, it is also required to maintain a collision center’s certification as well as a PPG-backed paint guarantee.

PPG’s Technician Certification Program includes 5 levels: Blue, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Master levels. When a technician follows this program and becomes recertified every 2 years, they strengthen their own skills while maintaining their shop’s competitive advantage.

Check out the PPG Refinish website for Training opportunities today!


VIBRANCE COLLECTION® primers are an ideal foundation for any custom or restoration project. They were developed to offer specific properties important to car builders and restorers, such as direct to metal, high build, and excellent sandability. Even better, they are compliant for all markets, depending on your reducer choice.

VP2050 DTM High Build Primer is ideal for bare metal applications, offering outstanding adhesion and corrosion resistance, as well as high build and sandabilty.

VP2100 Polyester Primer is ideal over existing coatings, providing fast dry and excellent fill for bodywork. It is also very easy to sand.

Click here to see how the Vibrance Collection primers can help provide the perfect groundwork for an exceptional finish.