You should avoid using surface cleaners that contain ammonia on ENVIROBASE® High Performance EPW115 or AQUABASE® Plus P950-5505 waterborne primers prior to topcoating. Cleaners that contain ammonia (glass cleaners or DELTRON® DX394 cleaner) can soften the film.

For a final clean before topcoating, you can safely use Deltron DX330 or ONECHOICE® SXA330 wax and grease removers, or OneChoice SWX350 waterborne pre-cleaner.

EPW115 Waterborne Speed Primer psheet
EPW115 Waterborne Speed Primer FAQ

P950-5505 Waterborne Primer psheet
P950-5505 Waterborne Primer FAQ

Over the years, there has been situations where several GM plants have had issues with their code labels and the WA color code was omitted. Best solution:

  1. Contact a local GM dealer and provide the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  2. Request the Model, Year and Color information including the correct code
  3. Validate this information with a variety of PPG or NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand color tools (Paint It, Color Information Books or Variant systems)
  4. Always confirm the correct color by spraying a test panel

Dealer can't help, contact 1-800-647-6050 and Select option: Color Library.