Plastic parts are very common on vehicles today and bumpers are one of the most commonly painted parts in a shop. In the prep process, replacement bumpers and other plastic parts can build up static electricity when scuffed or rubbed with dry pads and towels. A static charge not only attracts dirt, it can also alter the color match. However, using a cleaner developed specifically for plastic substrates that eliminates this static charge will ensure a quality finish.

OneChoice® SX103 and SXA103 Multi-Prep cleaner is a product developed specifically for cleaning plastics. Not only does it help to remove mold release residue left on raw plastic in the manufacturing process, it prevents and removes any static electricity build up, ensuring a dust free finish.

SX103 is packaged in gallons or SXA103 can be purchased in a convenient aerosol can. Keep your plastic parts clean and experience the benefits of SX103 and SXA103 by making it part of your plastic process today!