This new, all-in-one WINDOWS® operating system “touch” computer is certified for mixing room use and is preloaded with PAINTMANAGER® software. The computer utilizes both the Internet and USB media for color updates.

Some of the great features this computer has to offer are:

  • 15 inch color monitor, glass screen for easy cleaning
  • Industrial strength (durable to paint spills)
  • USB Backup for customer data
  • Windows Embeded Operating System
  • Plug and play - scales, printers, spectrophotometers
  • Pole, stand, wall mountable
  • Wi-Fi capable peripherals
  • USB ports / Ethernet Port / HDMI Port

For any assistance with the new TouchMix XI computer, please contact the Help Desk at 1-800-647-6050, Option 1, 6, 1.