Getting the most air to your airlines is key to optimizing the performance of your paint gun and Refinish products. Here are some useful tips to help improve application and ensure a quality finish:

  • Use high flow fittings. Regular fittings work fine for air tools and other equipment in the shop, but they restrict airflow to a paint gun. A paint gun will atomize product much better with unrestricted airflow and make your job easier.

  • Ensure your regulator is in your booth and NOT at the mainline pressure. The booth regulator should be used to regulate pressure to your gun and shouldn’t be more than 60 psi. If you have to choke your gun to get to desired pressure, product may not atomize properly, leading to poor product performance.

  • Make sure your air hose isn’t excessively long. Having too long a hose in your booth can cause a decrease in air pressure which can affect how your paint gun performs. The air hose inside your paint booth should be 3/8 of an inch diameter for best performance.

  • When using a regulator on your gun, make sure to use one recommended by the paint gun manufacturer. “Cheater valves” can restrict air to the gun and cause improper atomization.