It’s finally here- car show season! 

If you’re looking for promotional materials for your event, be sure to check out the Custom Car Show marketing catalog. It contains a wide array of items sure to make any event successful. From posters to t-shirts, signs to koosies, this catalog has it all.

Check out the Custom Car Show Marketing Catalog here.


Etch primers are a key component when preparing bare metal substrates for paint. Not only do they promote adhesion between the bare metal and the subsequent layer of high-build surfacer, but they also provide a layer of corrosion resistance. Also, depending on the size of your repair area, your choice of PPG etch primer will be different.

ONECHOICE® SXA1031 Etch Prime – Gray is a chrome-free, aerosol etch primer ideal for the small, bare metal spots, such as scratches, cut-throughs, and hard to reach areas. Use only on small areas such as these.

OneChoice SX1071 ECOBASE 5.5 Etch Prime is ideal for larger areas. It is a chrome-free, 2 component etch primer that is fast drying and compliant for all markets. SX1071 is best to use on large, bare metal areas such as panels that have been stripped or when preparing new un-primed parts for paint.

Large or small, PPG has you covered when it comes to painting bare metal!

Why Do Color Formulations Go Historic?

This has been an “age old” question.

What are historic formulas?

Historic formulas are available for colors that have a new revised formula.  The “Historic” formula is the previous formula that was matched.  Not all colors have historic formulas.

How will I know when a historic color is available?

There are some instances when a color contains a toner that is obsolete and the color was unable to be re-matched. Users may receive a comment, “No Record Found”. Contact the Color Library for help in those situations.