Manufacturers are using exotic colors to differentiate their brands in the market. Pigments in these colors are very vibrant, highly chromatic, and often translucent. Toyota 3R3, Chrysler PB8 , and Kia XMJ are a few examples. When performing a repair on these types of colors, it is important that the painter use the correct G-shade sealers or basecoat ground coat to achieve the best possible match. PPG's PAINTMANAGER® software provides the correct G-shade recommendation on every formula. As a painter, pay close attention to the G-shade recommendations and re-creating these striking new OE colors will be a snap.

Did you know that in the PAINTMANAGER® software program, you can mix the correct G-Shade formulas in ENVIROBASE® High Performance and AQUABASE® Plus waterborne basecoat systems to utilize as a groundcoat for low opacity colors? Here's how:

Simply type in the G-Shade number in the OEM / Brand Code line and change Source Type to "Layers".

For example, Envirobase High Performance system users enter "G3" and Aquabase Plus system users enter "SG03".

Hit Search. Select the “Greymatic” formula and press “Continue”.

Choose “EHPS “ for the Envirobase High Performance formula or “SG 989” for the Aquabase Plus formula. This is a great option to help keep repairs small and confined while optimizing your color match capability.

With over 6,000 Internet subscribers to the PAINTMANAGER® software – more than 70% are bodyshop businesses. This is a testament of how vital color information is to the paint operation.

Benefits to monthly updates:

  • Color formulations updated during “off” hours 
  • New products delivered earlier 
  • Receive the latest software improvements 
  • Remote support directly to the mixing room computer 
  • Automated install code verification feature 
  • Monthly “Whats New” bulletins showcase new products and features 
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