Low gloss finishes continue to be a popular trend and can give your vehicle a distinctive appearance. PPG has several tools available to help you achieve and maintain a spectacular finish for these unique coatings.

Check out the Low Gloss How-To page full of the following guides, p-sheets, instructional videos, and more!

Discover the Low Gloss How-To Page

The Matte Finish Care Guide (ARMATTECRG) provides tips for maintaining your vehicle’s distinctive finish for years to come.

The Matte Band Guides offer a visual representation of 5 reduced gloss clearcoat levels most commonly seen in OEM colors. Available for both PPG (ARCT2022) and Nexa Autocolor® (RMCT2022) products.

Be sure to refer to these informative guides when working with low gloss finishes. You can grab your copy today by visiting online ordering.

There are also great custom options for a low gloss finish, including Ditzler® Hot Rod Black (HRB9700) and Ditzler® Satin Clear (DSC5250). 

Remember, no matter what low gloss products you use, achieving the perfect finish requires following the process listed on the p-sheet!