When temperatures get colder and you’re spraying waterborne basecoat, there are some important storage and handling tips to keep in mind to ensure this advanced product maintains its optimum performance:

  • Store product off the floor, away from concrete walls and away from direct heat sources. This is important for both distributors and shops.
  • The acceptable storage temperature for waterborne basecoat is between 41°F-105°F, however, ideal conditions are between 55°F-85°F.
  • Transportation of waterborne products should be in closed vehicles. Temps of 41°F or below require temperature controlled transportation.
  • Rotate stock to ensure first in, first out (FIFO) stock management

For further information on best practices with waterborne basecoat, refer to the product stewardship guides below.

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Why is it so important to wear gloves when you refinish a vehicle? Gloves not only protect you from the paint products you are using, but they are an important tool in ensuring a clean, quality finish. Your hands contain salts, which, when left uncovered, can remain on a prepped substrate. If it’s not adequately cleaned, these tiny salt particles absorb moisture, and once topcoated, will expand over time with changing environmental conditions. This expansion shows up in a finished paint film as tiny blisters. These blisters can take  6-9 months or more to become visible in the finish. So, if you want your paint job to stay beautiful for years to come, wear your gloves! They not only protect you, but protect the finish from unnecessary contamination.