Cold temperatures can have a significant impact on the curing of urethane coatings. As temperatures drop, the curing process slows down and can even stop when temperatures drop below 60°F in your shop. These conditions can result in a finish that may eventually dry, but will exhibit reduced durability, gloss, and repairability. Therefore, it is important to ensure your products, your substrate, and ambient spray temperature are all above 60°F to insure proper curing of your paint film.

Before you begin painting, remember these tips:
  • If you store your products in an unheated area, make sure they are brought in to warm above 60°F prior to mixing.
  • Make sure your ambient booth temperature is well above 60°F.
  • If the car you will be working on has been sitting outside or in a cold shop, make sure it has been given time to warm in the booth to raise the metal temp above 60°F.

Remembering these tips as temperatures plummet will help to ensure a successful paint job!