If a toner is designated as an LUT, this means that it is a Limited Use Toner and not used in a large number of formulas. LUTs are identified at the bottom of the mixing schematic for a particular brand. It’s always good practice to check your color formula prior to mixing to ensure you have all required toners it may contain. Limited use toners can be ordered through your normal ordering process.

Did you know?

An LUT list by brand is available on ppgrefinish.com. These lists will tell you how many color formulas an LUT is used in as well as which OEM codes use them. This can be particularly useful if you are servicing a dealership and see the same colors often. To get it, login to ppgrefinish.com, and select "COLOR TOOLS" then look for "LUT Toner Lists". You can also follow the link below!

LUT Toner Lists