As we approach the winter months, make sure you are taking extra special care of your paint to avoid any potential pitfalls that could arise.

  • Never spray two-component (2K) urethane products below 55°F (13°C). The chemical reaction for curing stops below these temps and cannot be restarted.

  • Insure your 2K products are at a temp of at least 60°F (16°) before mixing and applying.

  • Keep waterborne toners off the floor and insulated from outside walls to prevent freezing. Acceptable storage conditions are 41°F - 105°F (5°C - 41°).

  • Waterborne toners that appear separated or “chunky” were likely to have been frozen and rethawed. Do not use.

  • The Waterborne Product Stewardship guides are available for download below

Aquabase® Plus Product Stewardship Guide

Envirobase® High Performance Product Stewardship Guide

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