Ford is currently supplying cars, SUVs and light trucks with this color that uses a pigmented clearcoat to produce this clean candy apple red.

VM4350 Vivid Ruby tinter is a new "Limited Use Toner" from the VIBRANCE COLLECTION®, used presently in the specialized repair of Ford RR / Ruby Red. This repair process utilizes a tinted mid-coat layer that is applied over AQUABASE® Plus, DELTRON® DBC, ENVIROBASE® High Performance, GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM® BC and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K® basecoat systems. The tinted clear mid-coat layer is made by combining VM4350 Vivid Ruby Tinter with many of PPG’s popular express, production or glamour clearcoats. Tech bulletin TBRR-3 outlines the application process.

How can you obtain the latest formula?

For more information regarding VM4350 Vivid Ruby tinter or the application process please refer to the links below:

  • PPG Online Color / Nexa Autocolor Online Color
  • The January PAINTMANAGER® software internet update.
  • Call Color Library at (800) 647-6050 Ext. 3.

TBRR-3 Tech Bulletin – Application Process→