Did you know that you should NOT shake DMX dye bottles?

Most dyes have a small amount of sediment in the bottom. This can show up as "bits" in your paint if you shake the bottle before mixing the color. So next time you are getting ready to paint a sweet custom candy finish, follow the recommendation on the label and do not shake the bottle!

Ford is currently supplying cars, SUVs and light trucks with this color that uses a pigmented clearcoat to produce this clean candy apple red.

VM4350 Vivid Ruby tinter is a new "Limited Use Toner" from the VIBRANCE COLLECTION®, used presently in the specialized repair of Ford RR / Ruby Red. This repair process utilizes a tinted mid-coat layer that is applied over AQUABASE® Plus, DELTRON® DBC, ENVIROBASE® High Performance, GLOBAL REFINISH SYSTEM® BC and NEXA AUTOCOLOR® 2K® basecoat systems. The tinted clear mid-coat layer is made by combining VM4350 Vivid Ruby Tinter with many of PPG’s popular express, production or glamour clearcoats. Tech bulletin TBRR-3 outlines the application process.

How can you obtain the latest formula?

For more information regarding VM4350 Vivid Ruby tinter or the application process please refer to the links below:

  • PPG Online Color / Nexa Autocolor Online Color
  • The January PAINTMANAGER® software internet update.
  • Call Color Library at (800) 647-6050 Ext. 3.

TBRR-3 Tech Bulletin – Application Process→