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Envirobase® High Performance EPW115 Waterborne Primer and Aquabase® Plus P950-5505 Waterborne Primer offer outstanding productivity for spot and panel repairs utilizing the latest 1K waterborne technology. This product can be sanded in as little as 30 min at 70°F (21°C) – even faster when the temperature is warmer or heat is applied! Better yet, it is direct to metal so no need for a pretreatment or etch primer step!

All of these great features in 1 bottle:

  • Direct to metal
  • 24 hr potlife
  • Fast dry to sand times
  • No extra curing equipment or specialized PPE needed
  • 1 component - no extra catalyst needed
  • Rollable

Help speed up your production and check out waterborne primer today!

Download the EPW115 Psheet
Download the EPW115 FAQ

Download the P950-5505 Psheet
Download the P950-5505 FAQ