Solvents are a key component to any refinish paint. They serve two main purposes – dissolve the resin and additives as well as control the application and flow. Blends of solvents are most commonly used to optimize a product’s performance. “Fast” solvents reduce the in-can viscosity and evaporate during spray application. Slow solvents, or “tail” solvents, stay in the film longer to allow wetting of the substrate and allow the paint to flow and level.

Not all solvents are created equal! PPG Refinish develops products using specific solvent blends so that products can perform their best. Using competitive or lower cost reducers or thinners in PPG Refinish paints may diminish its performance causing issues such as poor color match, solvent pop, or low gloss, to name a few.

So follow the psheets and use the recommended products to insure a flawless and productive finish!