Did you know that the PAINTMANAGER® software has a Volume Estimator feature that helps painters determine the right amount of product needed for their next repair? When Volume Estimator is enabled, the software will calculate the estimated amount of product required to complete the Collision or Commercial repair. Volume Estimator allows the technician to select the type and size of vehicle being repaired, including specific panels to be painted. Single click on a panel for full coverage or double click for blend panels. Let the PaintManager software Volume Estimator do the calculations from there- it will calculate for color and clear!

Note: In Settings, the default Unit of Measure MUST be set to Fluid Ounces for Volume Estimator to function properly. Enter the best estimates for the number of ounces required to paint a panel with 3 coats of color and to cover a panel with 2 coats of clearcoat.

Need More Information?

Click on the “PAINTMANAGER® HELP” icon, from your desktop computer’s main screen

  • For Set-up help go to: Utility / Options / Volume Estimator
  • For Workflow help go to: Search / then either Collision Volume Estimator / or Commercial Transport Volume Estimator

Using just the right amount of paint for your job will help reduce material costs and lower your waste disposal expenses, so check out Volume Estimator today!

To get the best possible finish when painting bare metal, it is important to properly prepare the substrate with a product specifically designed for application to bare metal. PPG Refinish offers a wide variety of direct to metal (DTM) options, depending on your region or application needs.

Below are some of the most popular DTM products I have to offer:

  • DPLF and DPLV Epoxy primers - the most popular direct to metal products, these primers provide excellent adhesion and corrosion protection. They can also be used as a sealer and topcoated with many types of refinish topcoats.

  • DELTRON® NCP250 NCT® - high build and isocyanate free, this product is a useful tool in refinish applications.

  • ONECHOICE® SUA1080 UV Primer - with the help of a UV lamp, this highly productive primer surfacer can be topcoated in just 2 minutes after application and sanding!

  • OneChoice SX1071 and SXA1031 etch primers - chromate-free, these etch primers are fast drying and provide excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance.

  • OneChoice SX5xx metal treatments - designed to clean, condition and strengthen the corrosion resistance and adhesion of metal substrates. Must be topcoated with an epoxy.

  • VIBRANCE COLLECTION® VP2050 DTM High Build Primer - designed for the custom and restoration market, this primer is easy to sand and provides high build and excellent corrosion protection.

So, no matter which PPG or NEXA AUTOCOLOR® brand you use, I’ve got you covered when it comes to “Direct to Metal” coatings.

Please refer to each product’s Product Data Sheet for further information.