Did you know? It is no longer recommended to use an etch primer under an epoxy primer. Residual acid from the etch primer can interfere with the proper curing of the epoxy. This may lead to extended dry times, potential blistering, and even adhesion failure. So next time you are planning to paint bare metal with an epoxy, follow the recommendations on the psheet and use the epoxy directly on the properly cleaned and sanded bare metal substrate.

Did you know? OMNI® and SHOP-LINE® brands now have pre-packaged sealers in shades of gray. They are available in gallon and quart pack sizes, and have a simple 4/1/1 mix ratio. They are easy to spray, have fast flash times and provide a smooth, flat appearance with excellent topcoat color holdout. They also use existing hardeners that are shared with the Omni and Shop-Line primer surfacers. National Rule and 2.1 VOC versions are available. Follow the attached links for more information

National Rule:

2.1 VOC Compliant:


LUT stands for Limited Use Toner and means that a toner is not used in a large number of formulas. A Jobber can order a limited use toner through normal ordering process. Always check your stock prior to mixing a formula for any LUT's that it may contain.

A Controlled LUT is even less frequently used than an LUT. It requires that a vehicle be in the shop needing to be painted before a jobber can order it. An example of this is VM4370 or T4700.

Did you know?

An LUT list by brand is available on PPGrefinish.com. Tabs at the bottom of the report also let you view and sort LUTs by OE manufacturer. This can be particularly useful if you are servicing a dealership. To get it, login to ppgrefinish.com, and select "COLOR TOOLS" then look for "LUT Toner Lists".